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COM Tuition Free Via Promise Program

by Ruth Ann Ruiz
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By Ruth Ann Ruiz

The Post Newspaper Features Editor 

Marissa Fernandez is in a happy place in her life. She graduated from Texas City High School with several college credits earned through College of the Mainland’s collegiate program. Now she is on her way to finishing her two-year degree at COM.

“Every professor I have here is really excited to teach!” exclaimed Marissa. 

Fernandez is a first-generation college attendee and would not have been in college if it weren’t for the outstanding guidance and support, she received from the enrollment and financial aid teams at COM.

Her goal is to transfer to Texas A&M and study environmental engineering. “I thought I wanted to be a nurse then in my chemistry class I realized I love chemistry and I love solving problems.  This led me to finding out about environmental engineering,” explained Marissa. 

All of this is being made possible because of COM’s Promise Tuition Program and the dedicated staff who help find the funds for each student. 

Attending college at COM is possible for any graduating high school student in the taxing district regardless of income.  The first step is applying to college online at applytexas.org.  If you want to go to COM, you need to click on the COM box in the application. 

Then the student needs to fill out and submit the FASFA form also clicking COM’s box. If help is needed, the college’s financial aid team is available for assisting in this process. After all forms are submitted, the team at COM goes to work finding the tuition programs that match a student’s qualifications.

COM’s Promise Program requires students to maintain a 2.1 GPA and complete 12 credit hours per semester. All courses taken must lead to a major. In other words, basket weaving, unless you are an art major, is not covered. 

“Don’t hesitate, as long as you apply to COM and fill out the FASFA form, we will find the funding for you to attend COM,” shared Patricia Mata, who works as a financial aid and outreach specialist. 

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