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Flocking At COM

by Ruth Ann Ruiz
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By Ruth Ann Ruiz

The Post Newspaper Features Editor

 “I wanted to do something to bring in the community and the kids to the college campus.  I suggested an Easter egg hunt and our team turned it into this,” Dr. Warren Nichols President of College of the Mainland explained. He gestured out towards the many child-centered events happening in the closed off parking lot and grassy areas near the fine arts building.

Cosmetology students and teachers under the shelter of a tent painted little ones faces with lots of little ones coming out looking like bunnies. Kali who sat quietly getting her bunny ears painted on her face was accompanied by her mother who is a student at COM training to be an operator. 

With her face and hair painted at the cosmetology tent, Cora Tobias enjoyed being a trapeze artist.  She came to the event with her grandmother who works in the business department at the college.

Other children were drawn to climb the rock-climbing challenge. Some made it up to the top, while some got a few notches up and came back down. There was plenty of fun in the jumping castles and spraying water out of the firefighter’s hose was another big hit.

A small petting zoo held baby goats, chickens and other animals which brought smiles and shrieks of delight to the little children. 

The school’s mascot, Comet the Duck was out and about greeting children and adults. Comet was guided by his assistant.

One of the presidents’ team of student ambassadors was having a particularly good day. “Today has been a lot of fun, it’s different from our normal schedule with classes and attending board meetings. An alumni gifted the college ducks for the duck pond, and I enjoyed taking photos of them today,” shared Brayton Lee. 

The event was titled Flock the Block which was inspired by the school’s mascot and the flock of ducks in the duck pond.

Music of all genres was played throughout the day, there were impromptu line dancers and salsa dancing. The college chorale team started their performance with our national anthem and a student who is also in the army paused to salute as they sang. 

Mid way through the day was a science demonstration conducted by Dr Britt Price. She demonstrated for the gathered crowd how chemistry can create change As she worked at her makeshift lab, she  informed her audience that what she was about to do was science not magic.  

In one of her demonstrations, she combined ammonia with other individual chemicals to create the school colors, red, white and blue. This brought out some wow’s and ahhs from the children. “This was a blast,” said Dr Price. 

The Easter egg hunt happened in a flash. No sooner had the emcee announced the start and the children were darting to and fro on the grassy lawn picking up the bright plastic eggs hoping to find a treat inside. 

Food and beverages were provided for the guests at no cost. In fact, the entire event was a gift to the community from the college. There was no entrance fee and no fee for any of the entertainment. The children enjoyed themselves and none of the adults who accompanied them had to pull out a wallet.

It looked like everyone enjoyed the premiere year of Flock the Block. Will there be a second Flock the Block? “We will see how well this one goes and maybe there will be another,” said Dr Nichols. 

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